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Industrial deployment of system engineering methods, A. Romanovsky, M. Thomas (Eds), Springer. June 2013.

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This book is about experience gained and lessons learnt during a major European project on industrial deployment of formal methods. The DEPLOY Integrated Project ran for 4 years and involved 15 partners from academia and industry.

The project set out to collect the experience from introducing formal methods into several, very different, application domains and to make that experience available as widely as possible. This book is the result.

It is a book of experience, written for

The book will also prove valuable to

These is what Michael Jackson writes in the book foreword “... this book describes a project that has made a major contribution towards bridging the gap between formalists and practitioners in software development for dependable systems. The detailed substance of the contribution lies in the specifics of what has been done; but the full value lies even more in the cooperative way in which the project has been carried out and the open-minded acknowledgment of challenges. This book will amply repay a careful and thoughtful reading by researchers and practitioners alike.”

Tony Hoare said the following “This book conveys the fruits of the experience gained in the project. It gives a clear record of the successes of the project and of the challenges that remain. It should be studied by researchers who strive to advance the state of the art of programming in industry; also by innovative industries, wishing to judge the adequacy of the current state of the art to meet their future software development needs. Above all, it should be read by all who are interested in a successful model of industrial and academic collaboration, and who wish such experiments to be repeated.”